UP Music Weekends
Spring Music

About the Teachers

Jerry O’Sullivan

Jerry O’Sullivan has been widely hailed as America's premier uilleann piper. His reputation for technical and melodic mastery of the instrument, an Irish bagpipe known for its subtlety and expression, is unsurpassed in the United States, and is demanding considerable attention overseas. Jerry is also widely recorded on the tin whistle, the low whistle, the Highland bagpipes, and the Scottish smallpipes.

Chris Norman

Chris Norman’s influential work as performer, composer, recording artist, teach-er and flutemaker has earned him worldwide recognition. His distinctive flute playing has appeared on more than 40 recordings and can be heard featured on numerous Hollywood soundtracks. Chris is founder and director of the Boxwood Festivals and Workshops taking place for the past 23 years in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, inspiring thousands of musicians of all ages. As a flute maker, he brings to bear a discernment forged over a 30-year career to make world-class flutes for traditional, baroque and renaissance music.

Dick Hensold

Dick Hensold is the leading Northumbrian smallpiper in North America, and for the past 20 years has performed and taught in England, Scotland, Japan, Canada, and across the United States. He has released numerous CDs as a member of the groups Piper’s Crow, Way Up North, and The New International Trio. His solo Northumbrian smallpipes CD Big Music for Northumbrian Smallpipes was released in 2007. He is much in demand as accompanist, studio musician and theater musician, and frequently composes new works based on the traditions of the Northumbrian pipes.

Timothy Cummings

Timothy Cummings, a native of East Tennessee, began piping at the age of 8. With advanced studies in composition, music theory and education, and piping, he has a rare grasp of arranging and composing music for the pipes. He has competed with and arranged music for the New Zealand-based Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band, has been Artist-in-Residence at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada (PEI), and now resides in Vermont where he works as a teacher, arranger, composer, and performer of piping music. He publishes much of his work through Birchen Music & Publishing.

Nicholas Hudson

Nicholas Hudson is a professional musician and teacher, playing the smallpipes, border pipes, highland pipes and whistles, with a Music Performance degree from Carnegie-Mellon University. He teaches piping full-time and has performed widely; but he loves most playing complex, long-form bagpipe music in front of small audiences of aficionados at prestigious piping competitions with centuries-old history and tradition. He travels regularly to Scotland England, Canada, Brittany, France, and across the US and has won numerous awards. In addition to playing and teaching, he is the chair of the EUSPBA Music Board and a member of the EUSPBA Judges Panel.

Iain Mac Harg

Iain Mac Harg, the son of one of the premier bagpipe builders in the world, has studied with many renowned pipers and has earned the title of EUSPBA 2001 Grade One Season Champion. He has founded two Highland Pipe Bands in Vermont, played with several folk groups, made two solo recordings and published a collection of original tunes for the bagpipes. After completing his Masters in Education, he went on to start the Vermont Institute of Piping where he has over 60 solo students.

Bob Mitchell

Our host piper, Bob Mitchell is recognized as a successful solo competitor in the US and Canada, He’s worked for 20 years at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and has performed with a number of DC area bands including Iona and Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra. Although his greatest area of expertise is Highland piping, he also plays the Scottish smallpipes and border pipes.

Leslie Barr discovered French traditional music in the 1980s and has been traveling to France to learn and play ever since. Her focus has been the fiddle styles of the Massif Central, especially the bourrees of the Limousin. Lately she has been exploring the music of other regions as well, particularly Gascogne, Poitou, and the Alps. She has studied with several French master musicians, and has played for balls here and in France. At home in Washington D.C., Leslie is an elementary school music teacher. She also runs the Friday Night Contra Dancers' Dance Musicians Workshop.