UP Music Weekends
Spring Music

* Repertoire Classes: Open to mixed instruments, students must have the ability to learn music by ear. Pieces will be chosen at several tempos, so there should be something accessible to most playing levels during the 2 hour class. Repertoire classes will be tailored to our registered students interests and in friendly keys for the style of pipes the teacher is focusing on. Please sign up early to help instructors to select suitable repertoire!

Lessons: Teachers are asked to allow time to teach up to 4 halfhour private lessons during the weekend (schedule has long breaks to accommodate some of these). These will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to students, who will pay their teacher directly ($35/half hour lesson) at the lesson. Sign up early to secure your spot. We will schedule the lessons, based upon each teacher’s comfort and responsibilities.

Mini Classes: Students are invited to share their knowledge with others in a mini class setting. These have been in a variety of areas including repertoire, hand skills (things like reed making), and non music related topics… (history, culture, etc). It’s a great way to get to know other students. These classes are offered during the two hour lunch break and after the afternoon classes on Saturday.

Rental Instruments: High quality Border and Scottish Smallpipes provided by Robert Felsberg will be available for the weekend for a $40/ weekend fee. Advance reservation is needed. Call for more information and to reserve a set.

Maintenance Clinic: Friday Afternoon Scottish Smallpipe Maintenance Class will be offered by Robert Felsburg. Get your pipes in great working order for the weekend. A $25 fee will be charged for the afternoon workshop. Time length will be determined by advance sign-up. This class may take place off campus to ease parking issues on campus.

Monday Classes on Pibroch with Nick Hudson: The morning class, will focus on repertoire, using chanters, smallpipes, or singing to learn the melody. The afternoon class will finish up any additional repertoire and be followed by a master class where students can perform pieces that they are working on for feedback and discussion.


Classes in red are most suitable for mixed-instruments. Other instruments may be
welcome in other classes with permission of the instructor.

Hands-on Class – Friday 3-5 PM
(extra $25 fee)

Class 1 – Saturday 10-12 AM

Class 2 – Saturday 2-4 PM

Class 3 – Sunday 10-12 AM

Class 4 – Sunday 2-4 PM

Smallpipes classes are open to mouth-blown reel pipes if they have the correct bore and are tuned in A.

Less skilled players are welcome to listen in all classes to master what they can and record the rest for future work.

collage of pipers