UP Music Weekends
Spring Music

About the Teachers

Anne Lough

Anne Lough is an internationally known traditional musician who performs and teaches at schools, workshops, and festivals throughout the country. She is highly acclaimed in the dulcimer world for her artistic and sensitive style of playing, as well as her skill as an instructor. In addition to many recordings, Anne has published over 10 books of dulcimer arrangements, including "Old-time Hymns & Gospel Favorites for Mountain Dulcimer," through Mel Bay.

Jody Marshall

Jody Marshall, a clear and insightful teacher, is known for her easy to understand and enjoyable style of instruction. Her lively and dynamic playing is featured on Maggie's Music recording, "Cottage in the Glen." She is also the author of the book of holiday arrangements, "Carol of the Bells: Seasonal Favorites for Hammered Dulcimer and Other Instruments" and two holiday CDs. Jody was a founding member of the DC-based bands, Ironweed and MoonFire, and currently performs both solo and with a variety of musicians in the DC area and nationwide.

Randy Marchany

Randy Marchany plays with the award-winning Virginia based group No Strings Attached. The band has numerous recordings and plays mostly original music that starts with a traditional base but draw from jazz and swing. Randy is an energetic and creative hammered dulcimer and keyboard player, a engaging teacher and performer, and composes much of the music performed by NSA.

Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider, a versatile player who performs a wide ranging repertoire with great finesse, has played on sound tracks for movies, television, documentaries, and Broadway. He has a masters degree in music therapy, directs an intensive hammered dulcimer retreat in Ontario and uses the hammered dulcimer in a variety of theraputic settings. He has several recordings, including "Momentum" with Paul Oorts.

Paul Oorts

Paul Oorts a native of Belgium, is adept at musette accordion and many things with strings. His instrumental versatility and knowledge of many different styles of music have made Paul the accompanist of choice for many hammered dulcimer players and a valued member of several dance ensembles. He plays English and contra dance music with Goldcrest and Cabaret Sauvignon, traditional French music with Ensemble Tympanon, the hammered dulcimer ensemble Carillon, and Italian mandolin music with the Rigatoni Brothers.

lydia ievins and Andrea Larson

lydia ievins plays 5-string fiddle and nyckelharpa for Scandinavian and English Country dancing. Her absolute favorite thing about playing in either genre is the boundless opportunity to create rich harmonic lines. She has been awarded a bronze Zorn medal in Sweden for her playing in the Uppland tradition.

Andrea Larson has performed Swedish traditional music for the past 20 years and has been teaching fiddle/violin from her private studio for the past 15. She enjoys exploring new ways to share her treasure trove of new teaching ideas from some of Sweden's best fiddle teachers. She is very enthusiastic about her newly developed workshop series on practicing, which she has now discovered to be fun after all!

Andrea and lydia have been playing Swedish-style fiddle together for the past decade, and spent an intense 2012-13 academic year studying in the center of the nyckelharpa universe, at the Eric Sahlström Institute. Much of their shared repertoire comes from central regions of Sweden, with a smattering of Norwegian and Danish and beyond. They are excited about their latest grand projects: bringing the younger hipper living slängpolska tradition to the US, and creating a new intensive weekend course for dance musicians.