UP Music Weekends
Spring Music

About the Teachers

Tina Bergmann

Tina Bergmann Hailed by Pete Seeger as "the best hammered dulcimer player I’ve heard in my life," Tina Bergmann has been performing concerts, and teaching workshops and private lessons from an early age. A fourth-generation musician, Bergmann began playing music at age eight, learning the mountain dulcimer from her mother in the aural tradition and learning the hammered dulcimer at the knee of West Virginia-native builder and performer Loy Swiger. Demonstrating gifts for both performance and teaching, she has been a featured performer across the United States, performing solo, as a duo with her husband, bassist Bryan Thomas, with her string band Hu$h-money; and as a featured soloist with Apollo’s Fire.

Randy Marchany

Randy Marchany plays with the award-winning Virginia based group No Strings Attached. The band has numerous recordings and plays mostly original music that starts with a traditional base but draw from jazz and swing. Randy is an energetic and creative hammered dulcimer and keyboard player, an engaging teacher and performer, and composes much of the music performed by NSA. When he is not playing dulcimer or volleyball, he is making the computers safe at Virginia Tech. With a great sense of humor and playful sensibility, his classes can make the most challenging material, pure fun.

Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider, a versatile player who performs a wide ranging repertoire with great finesse, has played on sound tracks for movies, television, documentaries, and Broadway. He has a masters degree in music therapy, directs an intensive hammered dulcimer retreat in Ontario and uses the hammered dulcimer in a variety of theraputic settings. He has several recordings, including "Momentum" with Paul Oorts.

Special Guest Artists: English Dance Program

Paul Oorts

Paul Oorts a native of Belgium, is adept at musette accordion and many things with strings. His instrumental versatility and knowledge of many different styles of music have made Paul the accompanist of choice for many hammered dulcimer players and a valued member of several dance ensembles. He plays English and contra dance music with Goldcrest and Cabaret Sauvignon, and traditional French music with Ensemble Tympanon. As a member of the Rigatoni Brothers he researches and performs Italian-American mandolin in trio music.

Dave Wiesler

Dave Wiesler has built a national reputation for his rhythmic and innovative piano playing. At home in a huge range of styles, Dave plays for concerts and dances of many sorts: contra, swing, vintage, couple dance, English and Scottish country dance, Viennese waltz. He has played at festivals and dance camps across the country as well as in Canada, Scotland, and England. Dave has played on over a dozen recordings, many featuring tunes and songs he wrote, and he is also a capable guitarist and singer. Some of his other bands include Laura and the Lava Lamps, Cabaret Sauvignon, The Avant Gardeners, The Gigmeisters, Green Light Karma, and Thistle House.

Saturday Dance Program

Melissa Running

Melissa Running calls nationally, plays piano for English and Scottish country dancing, and plays the nyckelharpa for pleasure and for Swedish dancing. She’s written a number of dances and a larger number of tunes. She is renowned for her warm, accessible, and fun-loving style leading English Country Dance — if you’ve never tried it before, you are in good hands. Our afternoon musicians will be Becky Ross, on fiddle and Liz Donaldson, on piano.