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Karen Akkey

Karen Alley, the 2014 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, teaches and performs on ham-mered dulcimer across the US. Her repertoire includes Celtic, classical, hymns, and show tunes, and her style combines percussive techniques with the rich harmonies and broad dynamics that make the dulcimer one of the most expressive instruments used in the folk community. She has released two albums showcasing a variety of styles, as well as a book that demystifies music theory and playing harmonies with melody lines. When she's not playing the dulcimer, Karen is a glaciologist and teaches at the College of Wooster in Ohio.

Mick Doherty

Mick Doherty has been performing music on the hammer dulcimer since 1979, busking on the streets of US and European cities. Mick has composed music for film, theatre, and television, and performed in venues from grange hall dances to concert stages in North America and Asia. Based in Portland, Oregon, Mick plays with the Trail Band, and also with shadow puppeteer Deb Chase in the Oregon Shadow Theatre.

Tina Bergmann

Tina Bergmann is hailed by Pete Seeger as "the best hammered dulcimer player I’ve heard in my life", Tina has been performing concerts, and teaching workshops and private lessons from an early age. A fourth-generation musician, she began playing music at age eight, learning the mountain dulcimer from her mother in the aural tradition and learning the hammered dulcimer at the knee of West Virginia-native builder and performer Loy Swiger. Demonstrating gifts for both performance and teaching, she has been a featured performer across the United States, performing solo, as a duo with her husband, bassist Bryan Thomas, with her string band Hu$h-money; and as a featured soloist with Apollo’s Fire.

Andrea Beaton

Andrea Beaton comes from a long line of well known and respected musicians, composers and dancers on both the Beaton and MacMaster sides of her family. She is an award-winning fiddler, tune composer and recording artist who is known for her powerful bow and driving style. She tours and teaches internationally and is in great demand as a teacher at music camps and fiddling/dancing workshops. Andrea has released 6 solo albums, one duo album with her father, Kinnon Beaton, and 3 books of her original tunes.

Troy MacGillivray

Nova Scotia's Troy MacGillivray has a musical prowess that can be attributed to an especially rare combination of commitment and bloodline. From a young age, Troy was impressing audiences with his fiddle, piano and step dancing skills, teaching his first classes at the Gaelic college at the age of 13. Troy has a roots-centered approach to his fiddling and piano playing that has the power to inspire audiences. He has toured internationally solo, and with Andrea Beaton, Shane Cook, and others. Troy plays not only traditional tunes, but also his own compositions which are receiving international recognition and can be heard on 6 well-received, solo recordings as well as numerous collaborations.

Special Guest Artists

Chao Tian

Chao Tian, Strathmore artist-in-Residence, completed received her master’s degree in musical performance in 2010; since then, she has toured throughout the world as leader of the Always Folk Ensemble, bringing her virtuosic talent on the dulcimer to people in more than 30 different countries. In addition to performing, Tian lectures at Beijing Language and Culture University and is a passionate advocate for the promotion and preservation of Chinese traditional music. Through her work, she strives to create dialogues between Chinese traditional music and music from the rest of the world.

Roya Bahrami

Roya Bahrami, a native of Iran who migrated to the U.S. as a teenager, has studied Persian classical music with several noted masters, and has also studied Western classical music, and Spanish flamenco, resulting in a natural blend of these traditions in her compositions. Roya’s compositions combine the mysticism of Persian melodies and poetry with Spanish flamenco, jazz and tango, resulting in an 'innovative fusion with seductive sounds' (Smithsonian). Roya has published 3 CD’s.