UP Music Weekends
Spring Music

Getting the most out of your classes:

Late Afternoon Mini Classes: Students offering to teach a useful one hour mini-class may receive a $50 tuition discount. Call or email us by February 15, if you would like to teach a class for this discount.


Don’t forget to bring a recording device with batteries or music paper to the fest. You’ll want to get down things to work on long after the fest is over. It’s a great opportunity to get down pieces during jams and classes.

It is not permissible to
record concerts.


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This site is being updated.

The information on this page is from last year (2018).
It is still available for students wishing to find out more about the kind of program we offer during the weekend.

Students in intermediate and advanced classes should have a familiarity with their instruments and be able to learn tunes either from sheet music or by ear.

Friday Afternoon Workshop

The Friday afternoon class is an additional $50 for full-weekend students.

Saturday Workshops

Saturday Guest Artist Programs

Sunday Hammered Dulcimer Classes

Weekend Cape Breton Music Intensive

(Andrea Beaton and Troy McGillivray)

Saturday Evening Open Mike