UP Music Weekends

Our Teachers

Andrea HoadAndrea Hoag (Dance Band) was the first non-Swede to graduate from the Folk Violin Pedagogy program at Malungs Folkhögskola (1984). She has studied intensively with elder fiddler masters Pekkos Gustaf and Nils Agenmark. Andrea is a versatile fiddler known also for her mastery of American and Celtic styles, and is a veteran of many dance and music camps around the U.S. and in Sweden. In addition to the GRAMMY-nominated trio Hoag/Kelley/Pilzer, Andrea and Charlie Pilzer play with the contra dance band Serpentine. She also performs with Maggie Sansone, Sue Richards, Jody Marshall, Emerald Glen, and Cabaret Sauvignon.

Loretta KelleyLoretta Kelley (Norwegian Fiddle) is the foremost American performer on the hardingfele (the traditional Hardanger fiddle), specializing in slått music, dance tunes rooted in the 18th century with sometimes unique asymmetrical rhythms, modal scales with "floating" intervals, and haunting tonalities. For over 30 years she has dedicated herself to studying, teaching, and performing on this instrument for dances and in concert at festivals, camps and other venues both here in the US and abroad.

Charlie PilzerCharlie Pilzer is a well known dance musician playing acoustic bass and piano for dances and has been touring internationally with the Faroe Islands-based band Spælimenninir ("the folk musicians")  since 1976 in concerts, dances, festivals and camps and as a favorite on on Garrison Keillor 's "A Prairie Home Companion".  Also known for his skills as a recording engineer, producer, and event organizer, Charlie bring tremendous energy and heart to all of his activities.

Julia Borland-Ferneborg

Julia Borland-Ferneborg (Scandinavian Fiddle Basics) has performed in dance bands including the Capital Quicksteps, Powdered Eagle Stringband and Childsplay. She lived in Sweden for 19 years, playing with 3 different fiddler's clubs and traveling to different parts of Sweden to learn the music. Two years of folk music for violin and folk music pedagogy at Malung's folk college coupled with Suzuki method teacher training in Sweden has given her a sense of joy in playing that she imparts to young students in Sweden and in Washington D.C.

Bruce SaganBruce Sagan (Scandinavian Fiddle) is an internationally respected player and teacher of folk music from Europe, especially Scandinavia and the Balkans. He plays fiddle, nyckelharpa (Swedish key fiddle), hardingfele (Norwegian fiddle), and gudulka (Bulgarian rebec). His two recordings, Spelstundarna and With Friends, have garnered critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Bruce has also been music director for various events, including Nordic Fiddles and Feet and the Stockton Folk Dance Camp.

Goran Olsson

Goran Olsson (Scandinavian Couple Dances) is a tradition bearer from Sweden who is known for his light and captivating fiddle style, and can heard on the album "Heta Polskor" (Hot Polskas), recorded with Mats Andersson   He has taught classes of the Swedish Old-time Gammeldans and the local "Jamt" tradition, including Hambo, Snoa, and variations of Polka, Polska, Mazurka, and Schottis at camps in around the world including Paris, London, LeMans, Milano, Scandia Camp Mendicino and Le Grand Ball D'Europe in Gennetines, France.