Upper Potomac Spring Music Weekend
March 28-30, 2008   

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New English Weekend Dance Band and Jam Tunes!

Salmon Tails up the Water (G)
*Jimmy Allen (G)
*Rakes of Mallow (G)
Davy, Davy, Nick Nack (G)
Winster Gallop (G)

Harper's Frolic (D)
Bonnie Kate (G)
Curly Headed Ploughboy (G)
*Speed the Plough (G)
*Lark in the Morning (D)
*Atholl Highlanders (A)
*Jig of Slurs (D)
Manchester Hornpipe (D)
Liverpool Hornpipe (D)

*Keel Row (G)
Nae Gud Luck (G or A)
*Kafoozalum (G)
Navvy on the Line (G)
*President Garfield's Hornpipe ( G)
*Harvest Home (D)
*New Rigged Ship (G)
*Off she goes (D)
Oyster Girl (G)
*Flowers of Edinburgh (G)
*Rose Tree (D)
*Girl I left behind me (G)
*Princess Royal (G)
*Varsovienne (G)
*Black Joke (G)
Westmoreland (G)
*Cumberland Waltz (D)

Portuguese Dance (D/A)

The Cream Pot (G/D/G)
Bielbie's Hornpipe (G)
Kirkgate Hornpipe (G)

Punchanello's Hornpipe or the three rusty swords (G)
Dusty Miller (G)
Old Lancashire hornpipe (D)
Grand Hornpipe (G)
Sportsman's hp (A minor)
Kershaw's Hornpipe (D)
Peg Huglestones Hornpipe

Seven Stars jig (D)
Around the World for Sport (Emin)
Lemonville Jig (D)
King of the Cannibal Islands (D)
Pippingo Reel (AKA Tenpenny Bit) (Amin)
*Roxburgh Castle (G)
Corn Rigs (G)
My Love is but a Lassie yet (D)

*Morpeth Rant (D)
*Roger de Coverley (G)
Buttered Peas (G)
*Soldier's Joy (D)

*Drops of Brandy (G)
Bishop of Chester's jig (D)
*Mad Moll (Amin)
Green Ship   (E Minor/G)
Stanley for ever  (Dmin/F)
*Coblers Jig
Tunes suggested by Jenny Coxon from the standard English dance repertoire.  Notes, abc files, Medleys and more.

Some likely dances to be chosen for the Friday night dance with the OPEN BAND led by
Peter, Paul & Mary are listed on Page 8.

* suggested short list of tunes you might see again in the USA! 

You are welcome to play any tunes you know in Jams!  These just have an English flavor!

I can email you these files if needed… just ask!

Singers will be encouraged to share a tune during the pub sing.
Rousing choruses are appreciated! 
Especially if we can raise or tap our glass!

Are you coming Early…
Thursday, March 27
O'Hurley's General Store Jam Session ~7PM
O'Hurley's  Jam Session is legendary among hammered dulcimer players… and many stop in for the many great tunes played in the store's magnificent Great Hall. 
  Dulcimer players should arrive early to secure space to set up their instrument.
  Need more info on this or other Shepherdstown events… call the store at (304) 876-  6907, they are a great source of local information. 

Upper Potomac Dulcimer Fest     PO Box 1474, Shepherdstown, WV    25443
(304) 263-2531      updf@earthlink.net     www.dulcimerfest.org