Upper Potomac Spring Music Weekend
March 28-30, 2008   

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Application Form please send one form per person.

City:___________________ State:______ Zip__________
Phone: (home) ________________ (work)______________
Email address:____________________________________
I play (instruments):________________________________
Playing Level:____________________________________
Class Choice (please check the class you wish to attend):
___ Adv. Beginning HD (Karen)   
Full  Intermediate HD (Jenny) Class full 2/15/08
___ Advanced HD (Jody)               
___ English Song (John)
___ English Country Dance Class (Peter, Paul & Mary)
Please specify focus
___ Fiddle (Mary) ____Flute (Peter) ___ Piano (Peter)
___ Other stringed instrument (Paul) (_____________________)

Tuition and Fees
________ 3 Day Workshop Session ($175)
(includes concert and all evening events)
_______ Extra Saturday Concert Tickets
                    (tickets are $15 adult, $12 senior, $8 children)
_______ Reserved Lodging at Cliffside Inn (Y or N)
_______ Rental Hammered Dulcimer for 3 days
(___$30 for 12/11, ____$40 for a larger chromatic instrument)

________  Saturday Only  $90  (English Song only)

_______ Optional Donation to the UPDF Scholarship Fund
                UPDF is a tax-exempt charitable organization.
                 Please help us continue our scholarship program!
Grand Total Enclosed
All Classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis.

Make checks
payable to:

Send to:
PO Box 1474
     WV    25443


Feel free to Call or email us !

       If you cancel by March 1, we can refund half of your deposit. If you cancel later we will keep the entire deposit. Phone cancellations must be followed by written notice of cancellation. Students canceling after March 15 due to unavoidable circumstances may send written documentation of their reason for canceling and request a partial refund. These requests will be considered following the end of the program.

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Application form

Upper Potomac Dulcimer Fest     PO Box 1474, Shepherdstown, WV    25443
(304) 263-2531      updf@earthlink.net     www.dulcimerfest.org