Upper Potomac Spring Music Weekend
March 28-30, 2008   

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The Classes

Advanced Beginning Hammered Dulcimer with Karen Ashbrook
This class for advanced beginners hones basic skills of hammering patterns, recognizing scale patterns, simple chord theory, embellishments and more using pieces from Karen's classical, Celtic and European repertoire.
Intermediate Hammered Dulcimer with Jenny Coxon  Full
This class will introduce a variety of English dance music from the last three centuries, especially the English hornpipe tradition of northern England. It will utilize skills such as listening and playing by ear, develop an understanding of traditional English playing styles, and give hints for session playing and special effects. A basic knowledge of keys, scales, and chord theory is essential. Class full 2/15/05   Give us a second choice.
Advanced Hammered Dulcimer with Jody Marshall
Using a varied repertoire, the class will work on both solo and ensemble playing. Solo arranging, duets, and working in a group will be covered, along with technique, dynamic control, rhythmic approaches to accompaniment, and more. Students may also bring other instruments (recorders, fiddles, flutes, guitars) for ensemble work. Ability to read music recommended.
English Song with John Roberts (all levels)                                (Saturday only option is available for $90, or full weekend for $175)
This class will work with a range of English songs including pub songs, work songs, nautical songs, songs of the seasons, music hall repertoire, humorous ditties and some irresistible chorus songs. Accompanists on any instrument are welcome. Focus of class can be fine-tuned to fit the interests of the participants.
English Dance Band with Peter Barnes (flute, piano), Mary Lea (fiddle) and Paul Oorts (all other instruments) (int.-adv.)
Open to ALL instruments, this class is designed for musicians who want to develop their skills in playing for dancing. The class will spend about half the time working on style, technique and repertoire on individual instruments, and the other half working on ensemble skills.

Students in intermediate and advanced classes should have a familiarity with their instruments and be able to learn tunes either from sheet music or by ear.

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