Upper Potomac Spring Music Weekend
March 28-30, 2008   

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Registering for a room at Cliffside... Things to Note

Dates: Reserve SOON!
They will be holding our block of rooms and rate package only until February 25 according to our contract (it was the best I could negotiate). After that time they will give us rooms if they are available and at the considerably higher "rack rate".

Talk To: Jenny Shipe  (304)535-6303 our event manager. She is the only one who sells our group package according to our contract.  State that you are with Upper Potomac Music Weekends to let them know at the desk which event you are in.

Rooms and Rates:
Shared Double Room: $204.52/person
Single Room: $260.52
Poolside Single: $282.92
*If we reserve all 8 of the Poolside Rooms, that area becomes "ours" for late night jams, parties, visiting and other activities.  If outside guests reserve any of these rooms we have to respect their need for "quiet".
* Each of these rooms has a door onto a balcony overlooking the pool with wicker furniture… Perfect place for cuppa after classes or your own mini-party.
*Pool was not used at all during our Celtic Fiddle and Feet weekend in November, so it is likely not to get much outside use other than our group.

We have requested a special menu for the weekend to better reflect our needs for vegetarian, low-fat and healthy options.  See it here!  There is not space in the restaurant for open mikes, so we have set up an area in the Ballroom for music sharing, our dance and mini-concerts.

Pool: We have to allow access to the pool to other hotel guests (through our reception area...but
Contract Info:
Our rooms were reserved under a contract… here's some important details to note.
Rates are guaranteed only until Feb 25!
24 hour notice on room cancellation is necessary for a refund!

*Tea, coffee, Beer, snacks etc:
UPDF is not allowed to "cater" our own event …
    but you can bring any item you want for "personal consumption"…
tea, beer, snacks, bottled water...
I recommend bringing a personal supply of favorite beverages and a mug, tankard or glass for Discrete consumption!  (technically not allowed in public/group areas)
In order to bring down the package price, we opted out of the hotel's catered coffee/tea breaks since there is a coffee maker in every room as well as a microwave.

Standard rooms have 2 queen size beds. 

Poolside Room & Balcony

Only 8 poolside rooms
~ 4 on each level.

Lower Poolside Balcony! 

Reception Area
overlooking pool below.

Dining Room Area