UP Music Weekends

Randy Marchany suggests:

Top 40 (or so) Great Tunes
for the Hammered Dulcimer

Jam Etiquette Tips:

Get in tune before the jam starts Don't hog the melody Choose some tunes that others know Play quietly, especially while learning!

Session Tunes

Jam sessions are one of the best learning opportunities a new player can have at a festival.

It is a chance to become better at playing with others, sharing leads and backing up familiar tunes.

No tune lists are written in stone, but the two given here suggest some familiar ground and places to start.

Make your own tune list of your favorite tunes that you feel comfortable leading/sharing. 

Some Suggested Jam  Session tunes:

* Suggested for shorter list beginner/advanced beginners in SLOW JAMS.

Thanks to Ellie Holsopple and others who have suggested Jam Repertoire for our List!
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