UP Music Weekends

Class Levels:

Class level determination is an inexact science, however the sessions have been divided into levels so that teaching material can be presented in a way appropriate to the skill levels indicated. If you decide you would like to attend a class and are at a different level than what is offered, please take a place in the outer ring and listen only, allowing the teacher to focus on the level intended.

*Recording devices (with batteries!) are recommended for getting the most out of ALL class sessions. Irish music is an aural tradition, so learning to hear the nuances of phrasing and ornaments that aren't written on the page are an important part of learning the tunes. Since small variations, e.g. putting an ornament in or out, are part of the tradition, tunes are often played differently every time. Sheet music will be provided for some repertoire but ability to read music is not a prerequisite and learning by ear is strongly encouraged.

Class Descriptions